Talk Show: Pliny and CMPBS featured on "In Theory - Missing Haiti"

In Theory – Missing Haiti from TAMU College of Architecture on Vimeo.

CMPBS co-director Pliny Fisk was a recent guest on Texas A&M University Associate Professor Peter Lang's Internet talk show "In Theory." In this episode, entitled "Missing Haiti" CMPBS co-director Pliny Fisk joins Lang for a discussion of the recent earthquake in Haiti and the "wider ramifications of emergency relief, long term reconstruction projects and strategies for preserving existing community structures."

Other panelists include Carla Prater, faculty fellow with the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Walter Peacock, HRRC director and holder of the Rodney L. Dockery Endowed Professorship in Housing and the Homeless; and Cecilia Giusti, assistant professor of urban planning.

The episode also features a special segment filmed at the CMPBS site in which Pliny describes the Center's recent work in disaster relief housing for Haiti and other small island territories.

A video of the show is available here.