Edie Wall Muehlberger


Edie Wall Muehlberger served as Director of EarthShare of Texas, an NGO raising awareness and funds for local, national and international environmental organizations through workplace giving, for twelve years.  Prior to joining the EST staff, she worked for the Texas Audubon Society and represented the Audubon Foundation of Texas on the EarthShare of Texas Board of Directors.  While living in Arizona, she served as a staff member for Arizona U.S. Representative Mo Udall when he shepherded the 1990 Arizona Wilderness Bill through Congress. Edie has extensive experience as a planner and trainer for public speaking and business, board and volunteer development.  She has a personal interest in human rights as it pertains to environmental justice as well as social justice. She is an avid swimmer and runner and enjoys traveling and being outdoors. She has served on numerous boards and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the International Center for Mental Health and Human Rights and the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems.